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E-Voucher - Not Only Voucher

In the past two months. Autobot team was working hard to complete the new module e-voucher. Let's celebrate the completion of the feature. With our creativity and our research in human behaviour, adding with fantastic design. The e-voucher module that we created will make your customer really want to roll in and participate. We know the voucher is the way to build your loyalty customer but the traditional voucher bring complexity in which you need to get a designer to design a voucher and print the voucher. After this you might facing the problem in handling the voucher distribution. Usually printing hundred or thousand copied of voucher and distribute to all of our customers take time but most of the time we even cannot finish the distribution of the voucher when the promotion has changed or ended. The customer who receive the voucher maybe not use it for the reason they forget where they keep it or they din't realise the expired date of the voucher. Then the voucher is wast

WhatsApp Blasting System like No Other (Malaysia Number #1)

WhatsApp blasting like no others! With the combination of cloud, physical machine and the station setup. You can now sending WhatsApp message in bulk, in a few of clicks in Autobot. You can even schedule your message and send it while you go off for a vacation, boss!. It support picture file (jpg, png, gif), and the text with the combination of emoji. 👋💰🤚😯🐯🏠😡 Not only this. As a business owner or customer service department. You always hope to receive the feedback from your customers. Now you can read the message that customers reply to you in your smartphone. This is not only use for marketing and promotion but useful for customer service & feedback. Click here  to read more about E-Voucher in our website.